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I'm working on CMFCalendar and running the tests out of the instance home like this:

bin/zopectl test -m CMFCalendar -vv

This runs tests, according to the output, but apparently not how or where I think it should. No .pyc files appear in the tests directory I am looking at and I have verified several times that the Products directory in my instance home is linking in the right stuff. No matter what I change in the module, the tests run the same way as if an entirely different module is loaded.

From the old testrunner, which I miss *a lot*, I could ensure I am indeed running a specific module by doing...

bin/zopectl test Products/CMFCalendar/tests/

Is there an equivalent for this confusing new testrunner?

i've been using:

./bin/zopectl test -mProducts.CMFCalendar

to run all of the tests in a product, and:

./bin/zopectl test -mProducts.CMFCalendar.tests.test_Event

to only run the tests in a specific module. to only run a specific test, i believe you use '-t', which uses regex matching, so i believe:

./bin/zopectl test -mProducts.CMFCalendar.tests.test_Event -tinterfaces

would run both "test_z2interfaces" and "test_z3interfaces", but no others.

the syntax is a bit less direct than the old runner. it's documented, however, in the zope/testing/testrunner-test-selection.txt file.


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