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Dieter Maurer wrote:
yuppie wrote at 2006-3-20 18:17 +0100:
But I gave up my attempt to fix this in the Zope layer because the related discussion on zope-dev ended without a clear result.

There was a clear result: make the id checker policy configurable --
as Zope 3 does.

Well. That's right but doesn't help us much. We don't have a volunteer for implementing that new feature. And we don't have a consensus what the default policy should be.

I hope there are no objections against fixing this in PortalFolder's _checkId method for now.

Almost surely, you should make it configurable there, too.

Why should I make it configurable? I volunteer to fix a serious bug by restoring behavior we had until 6 months ago. An INameChooser based configurable solution would be much more work than just fixing the bug.

The same arguments apply in CMF land as in Zope land.

You deleted the sentence in which I said what's different IMHO:

In CMF we plan to use views by default and it's quite common that normal site 
members are allowed to add content items.

So it's more urgent to fix the bug in CMF than in Zope.



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