Hi Jens, all!

For the uninitiated I'm the poor guy that signed up to work on getting
Plone trunk (aka 3.0) to work with current CMF trunk (aka 2.1) amongst
other things ;)

According to the roadmap for the next Plone release we currently aim for
Plone 3.0-final to be released in January 2007. More important to the
CMF roadmap is our planned feature freeze which is currently set around
September/October 2006. This is the date where all features to be
included in Plone should be ready and merged and thus should be pretty
stable. If you are wondering what we do in the upcoming months - well
fixing bugs :)

So as Plone 2.5 (which should be released any day now) will stay on CMF
1.6 and Plone 3.0 won't be around for some months there is no need for a
CMF release from our side right now.

Ideal for our roadmap would be a CMF 2.1 release that includes some more
 work on Zope3 (like object events and views) and would see a final
dot-O release somewhere around October this year.

If there is a demand for a 2.1 release right now from other consumers or
users of the CMF, we would either have to use this release for Plone 3.0
or as we want to try to stay close to the CMF releases would be happy to
have another CMF release in lets say December and re-aim for Plone 3.0
to be released in February 2007 instead.

On a side note we will require at least Zope 2.10 (or eventually Zope
2.11) for Plone 3.0, so there is no need to support things like Zope 2.8
or even 2.9 in CMF as far as we are concerned anymore.

Hope we can get a CMF roadmap together that fits all our needs and
individual roadmaps ;)


Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> I just looked over the CMF roadmap document since we're supposed to have
> a 2.1 beta in a matter of weeks and now I'm wondering if this is
> possible/desirable right now:
> http://www.zope.org/Products/CMF/docs/roadmap
> First of all, some of the work items on the list are half-finished or
> still off on some branch. Secondly, when comparing our roadmap to the
> Plone roadmap...
> http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap
> .... I'm not sure if we need a 2.1 right now. We seem to be producing
> one-off release branches that are either not used at all or used
> sporadically by specific projects. By the way, Florent, do you guys have
> such a roadmap doc that I can look at once in a while? Something that at
> least says "version X is planned for Y and will run on CMF version Z".
> Also, one of the highly desirable items on the list, the local skin
> customization, has an outside dependency that we need to wait on.
> So, what's the consensus? Do we postpone 2.1 to get more things done? Do
> we cut the list of planned features down and create yet another release
> branch that might not even be used? I'm hoping this discussion can
> foster more active collaboration on roadmaps between the different "CMF
> customers". There's no sense following a strict time-based policy that
> is currently out of sync with what the "customers" want/need.

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