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Martin Aspeli wrote:

Aha - so it seems was confused :) So, to be clear, "run all import steps"
will only apply to the last selected "active" profile, even if that's an

Yes. The ImportContext has only access to the last profile selected. What still might happen with broken import handlers - especially importVarious - is that the handlers themselves change settings independent of any profile files.

Thanks for the update. So long as we keep the "trying out a new product" use
case in mind and focus on making it as easy to make import handlers, I think
we're very much on the same page.

Fine. But the fact I started this thread doesn't mean I have the resources to write a detailed proposal and implement it. So the big question is: Who will contribute the necessary resources and do the job?

By the way - two other things I brought up in the post to plone-dev was:

 - We need some way of exposing to the user the *version* of the profile
being applied, i.e. the version of the product. "You have Foo version 1.0
installed, but version 2.0 on the filesystem. Do you want to upgrade?"

 - We need some way of expressing dependencies between profiles, so that
installing Foo also installs Bar. It should be possible to do optional
dependencies, too, so that Foo installs Bar if Bar is available, but doesn't
fail if it's not.

Agreed. We might even need a combination of both: E.g. Foo depends on version 1.0 of Bar. See also this short thread:



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