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yuppie wrote:

Yes. The ImportContext has only access to the last profile selected. What still might happen with broken import handlers - especially importVarious - is that the handlers themselves change settings independent of any profile files.

Aha. What's the correct pattern to use in an importVarious in order not to have that problem (bearing in mind I'll probably be documenting this as part of a tutorial soon, I figure I'd get the story straight... :-)

Well. The easiest solution is to test if something set up by importVarious exists already. CMFDefault looks e.g. for the 'Members' folder:

But that solution is not very robust. If the site is modified and 'Members' renamed or removed importVarious will be run again.

The only save solution that comes to my mind is to use a small file in the profile that controls if importVarious should be executed.

Fine. But the fact I started this thread doesn't mean I have the resources to write a detailed proposal and implement it. So the big question is: Who will contribute the necessary resources and do the job?

My knowledge of GS and time to learn it are both in short supply - there are Plone deadlines coming up, among other things. :-/

I'm happy to help with testing, use cases and documentation, though.

Great! That's at least a start.

Do you have an idea of the scale and complexity of your proposal?

I'm afraid this is a big project. I guess a single person would need several weeks to create a working prototype and several months to write something releaseable. So we would either need sponsors that pay a person full-time or a team of people that are willing to make significant contributions.



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