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Stefan H. Holek wrote:
On 17. Aug 2006, at 15:50, yuppie wrote:

My approach would be to improve the catalog adapters. Even if you stick to the behavior implemented in setuphandlers.py it would have been easier and more straight forward to implement it in a subclass of ZCatalogXMLAdapter, overriding the default adapter.

I have tried this initially but found it impossible to "override" the existing adapter for IZCatalog. I always got complaints from the adapter machinery about duplicate registrations. I may be missing something here...

Did you try it using an overrides.zcml file? Works for me - at least with other adapters.

But fixing some general catalog adapter issues will make your special behavior obsolete:

- The adapters should compare the new settings with the existing ones and make sure indexes are only updated if they are actually changed. This is not implemented so far.

- The adapters should modify existing indexes if the profile contains new settings. This is not implemented for the 'extra' elements.

- Reindexing might be very expensive. That's the reason why GenericSetup does no reindexing, you have to do it manually. We need a better solution for that, maybe some bookkeeping which indexes need to be reindexed and a button in the setup tool that triggers reindexing.

+1 on all accounts

As always: contributions are welcome...



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