Hi Stefan!

Stefan H. Holek wrote:
For the UnicodeLexicon product I have created a setuphandler that updates ZCTextIndexes in the catalog. This means it basically contains the code that would formerly have lived in Extensions.Install.install.

Would this be considered "abuse" of GenericSetup?


I had a short look at the code, but I'm not sure I understand what it actually does:

AFAICS the catalog.xml in the profile is a normal catalog setup file. The default import step for this file should be registered and updates the catalog if all steps are run.

importUnicodeLexicon is a second import step for the same setup file. Looks like this step updates the catalog again. The thing that's different is the fact it reindexes the modified indexes.

Is that correct? What am I missing? What did not work with the default import step (besides reindexing)?



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