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On 14 Feb 2007, at 15:10, Miles wrote:
I was wondering how - if at all - others have made a workflow react to deletion of an object. Is there any call for some hook/event that allows workflows to respond to this event? It seems a bit odd to me that workflows are carefully notified of creation via notifyCreated, but can't do anything about deletions.

The standard workflows shipping with CMF simply never cared, no one had the need. I believe the same is true for the standard Plone workflows.

I thought of creating a 'delete' workflow action, but that would cause problems if ever the object were deleted via a different mechanism (e.g. zmi).

For older CMF versions you'd normally define your own manage_beforeDelete to do whatever you want it to do just before the onject is deleted.

In CMF-trunk, the future CMF 2.1, this has been changed to use events instead. Take a look at CMFCore/events.zcml for how to register an event handler and CMFCore/CMFCatalogAware.py to see some handlers. Obviously this is a much better solution since you don't need to change existing code, you just need to write a handler function and register it using zcml.


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