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Currently non-five.lsm site managers don't work in CMF, see this thread:


Proposed solutions:

a) reverting most 'tools as utilities' changes (Kapil)

b) supplementing five.lsm (Hanno)

c) improving five.lsm (Rocky)
AFAICS this is an other attempt to resolve the same issue:

We have to decide which way to go. I prefer c) if it works, b) otherwise.

Same here. c) first, then b). Strongly against a).

are we juding by the amount of work to fix the 'fix'/problem or by the nature of the solution itself.

the reason why a) was proposed is that the current usage isn't about adopting the zope3 api, its subverting its usage and meaning by introducing context dependencies where there were none before. a utility is context independent, the majority of cmf tools are not. instead of introducing implicitness into the zope3 apis that imo defeats the purpose of using them in the first place, we should fix our tools so they can be used with the zope3 api and are not contentspace/context dependent, and till they are so continue to access them as we have been. a clear migration path that adheres to this principle was outline in a).

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