Balazs Ree wrote:
The root problem is that the z3 component lookup, in case site managers are chained, is accessing the data of the chained site managers directly and bypassing its code. Iow it does not matter whatever acquisition wrapping you add in five.lsm. If there is any other site manager that appears, and that is not inheriting directly from five.lsm (and why would it?), it will access the registry data from the sitemanager of five, but bypass the methods that would add the acquisition wrapping in five.lsm, and will use _its own_ methods for returning that data. Which means principles of object oriented programming are somewhat broken and actually if I had not spent a few days debugging this problem, I would not easily suppose or believe this even myself, but this seems to be the case.

That code is hard to read, but AFAICS the lists and dictionaries in the AdapterRegistry (_adapters, _subscribers, _provided) are looked up directly. Did anybody try to use customized lists and dictionaries for five.lsm that do the wrapping? Or can anybody tell me why that would be a bad idea? I guess performance might be a problem.



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