Tres Seaver wrote:
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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Tres reminded me that we should have a "real" branch and release tags
for GenericSetup to match up with the CMF 2.1-branch and the
releases. I need to determine the current state:

Has the BBQ Sprint branch at
ever been merged into the trunk, or is
this nothing to worry about?

That branch is waiting for finalization from Rob Millter (or somebody
else, but he is the last culprit).

yup. the branch is in good shape, i think, just needs a few more tests to get better coverage on some of the new setup tool behaviour. things have gotten very busy for me, however, and i've had no free time to work on this for a while. it's still on my radar, though.

i might be able to get to this sometime this week or next. if anyone else has some time to look at it, i'd be very appreciative. wouldn't be bad to get some other eyes on it, anyway.


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