Wichert Akkerman wrote:
The new GS looks very nice, but from the ZMI UI I can no longer see how
I can import only selected steps of an extension profile. I hope that is
still possible; it can be extremely useful. It looks like the import and
export tab only act on the base profiels now.

hmm... i think that the aggregate of all of the steps from the various profiles that have ever been imported should show up on the import screen, so it should be possible to select ones that were added by a specific extension profile. but this doesn't help, of course, when you only want to re-import the portal types step from an extension profile.

so you're right, the UI is missing a piece. two pieces, actually. on the 'profiles' tab, there should be another button, "load import steps", which will register the steps w/o actually running them. (importing a profile does this for you.) then the import and export tabs can have a dropdown that lets you choose from any profiles that have had the steps loaded.

i won't be able to get to that until next week, unfortunately.  anyone else?


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