I'm working on a ics(vcs) view for CMF Calendar as it's something I use quite a lot myself.

A couple of things:

* the vCal format isn't really suitable for a PageTemplate although it is possible. Are there any other options?

* I usually generate a unique hash using md5. CMFUid doesn't seem to support generating a hash for an object so it's probably not the right tool. Should I extend Event.py for the UID or just use a string? The UID in a vCal doesn't seem to have much relevance outside of a subscribed service, ie. you can have lots of events with essentially the same UID in calendar. At least neither Outlook nor iCal seem to mind and will continue to create new events.

* is there anywhere I can extract the timezone from apart from the system?

* should events come with default alarms?

Comments, as always, welcome.

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