Am 22.06.2007 um 10:34 schrieb Dan Fairs:

You might try Chris Withers' Twiddler:

Might be a piledriver for your nail though!

Hi Dan,

I don't want to introduce a dependency on twiddler or genshi into CMFCalendar and it's not necessary for this as the template requires little or no logic: formatting or string.Template are more than adequate but I would like to have the template outside of the calling script. You can in fact use ZPT quite well for non *ML if you use the pseudo-tags <tal:content tal:content="options/start_date" /> is only a little bit more verbose than %(start_date)s or $start_date but it would be nice to have a handler for string.Template templates. Is it possible to work with .txt?

template = context.event_ics_template()
template = template % options # or template.substitute(options)

The bigger problem seems that there is no easy way to get the timezone needed to get appointments to work properly. vCal requires timezone id's like Europe/Amsterdam. Looks like the only thing is to coerce the time to what the server thinks is UTC and hope the client will do the conversion.

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