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template = context.event_ics_template()
template = template % options # or template.substitute(options)

Currently using a ZPT. Seems to be working fine. Classic skins have been finished now I need to work on browser view stuff and I haven't much of a scooby about this. I assume I need to write an adapter in Zope 3 stylee?, ie. similar to what Philip does with a PDF in his book. Grateful for another pointers.

The bigger problem seems that there is no easy way to get the timezone needed to get appointments to work properly. vCal requires timezone id's like Europe/Amsterdam. Looks like the only thing is to coerce the time to what the server thinks is UTC and hope the client will do the conversion.

Currently coercing to UTC which works with Apple's iCal and Outlook 2003. Kontakt seems to ignoring TZID completely but seeing as it's part of the specification, there's not a lot that can be done when it's not implemented. Sunbird is choking on something but I can't really imagine anyone is actually using this technology study.

On positive side: alarms are accepted by iCal, Outlook and Kontakt so I think it makes sense to add them to events. What do you think?

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