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> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > I really need a CMF release for Plone this week, but things seem to have
> > suddenly gotten a bit quiet. If nothing happens I'll probably make
> > another snapshot of the CMF 2.1 branch this Friday and include that with
> > Plone 3.0rc1. We have several external factors that affect our timing
> > and we can not postpone things any later.
> > 
> > As I said earlier I'm happy to help with any changes that need to be
> > made still, but without feedback there is nothing I can do.
> Are there any showstoppers left for a 2.1 beta?
>  - I was worried about the tests that failed last week, but perhaps that
>    was a glitch on the testing machine?  At any rate, I didn't see
>    checkins which would've fixed them, and they are all passing this
>    week.
>  - I think the 'five:localsitemanager' fixes have landed.
>  - The GenericSetup changes from the BBQ sprint have been landed and
>    polihsed:  GS should be ready for a 1.5 beta.
>  - Migration for sitse which have been tracking the 2.1 betas may be
>    flaky at this point.  Yuppie has a hack in place to fix things up
>    on the fly, but isn't happy about it.
>  - I think the "roadmap" issues don't block a 2.1 release.

I just added the utility unregistration code to the migrateToCMF21
script. The only remaining item that I can think of is this one
from Yvo:

   There is a hack in PortalObjectBase.getSiteManager that fixes old
   site manager instances on the fly, but I don't want to have that code
   in the final CMF 2.1 release

That should not be a showstopper for a beta release imho.


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