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AFAICS the premature GenericSetup 1.3 release has the biggest issues:

I'm behind the loop on GenericSetup having only encountered it when writing a content type for a single site. I would appreciate an explanation of the difference between declarative and imperative as linguistically they are almost identical. I have never done imports & exports so would appreciate knowing where to go to read up on them so that I can contribute to the debate or at least understand it fully.

I still consider the VERSION.txt support a mis-feature.

VERSION.txt is really nasty anyway but if it is still around you are right: the profile version is not necessarily the same as the product version and so nothing should assume this.

five.localsitemanager still has no UI for inspecting and editing component registrations. I added the 'components_xmlconfig.html' view to GenericSetup as an alternative way to do this, but a normal UI would still be useful.

CMF seems to be in good shape, but the migration code and documentation could need some cleanup:

- The 2.1 migration should use the new 'upgradeStep' feature, the on-the-fly migration code in PortalObjectBase.getSiteManager should be replaced by an 'upgradeStep'

- It might be useful to review the docstrings in CMFCore.utils and interfaces._tools. There are misleading comments like "BBB: for use in 'getToolByName'; in the future, prefer 'zapi.getUtility (IActionsTool)'." Seems not all docs reflect the latest tools-as- utilities changes.

Yes, please! I recently really struggled writing a browser view because of the lack of doc strings. I can only assume that BBB has something to do with something "bad".

I think the most important issues can be resolved before the weekend *if* some people are willing to help.

Having recently given a presentation (in German) on CMF 2.1 I hope at least to be contributing to the documentation. However, as noted above there are significant areas with which I have little or no experience.

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