Rob Miller wrote:
i'm pretty much in support of the proposal as it's evolved so far.

I'm not.

here's my understanding of it at this point:

- the import step registry will record the profile from which a given import step is included. if multiple profiles include the same step in their import_steps.xml, they will both be recorded as related to that import step.

What means "same step"? Step with same handler, same ID, same version, same title or same description? I guess you mean same handler, but what about the other metadata? Which profile has the 'right' metadata?

- when a profile is imported, only the import steps from the base profile and all transitively dependent profiles will be run. (clearly this depends on actually finishing the dependency support.)

- when a profile is exported (or a snapshot is generated), all of the registered steps will be used.

this way, a naively coded import handler can only cause a problem when the profile it is associated with (or any other profile that explicitly depends on the problematic profile) is run. writing imperative handlers should still be discouraged, but the damage that they can cause is contained.

I'd prefer it if naively coded import handlers always cause problems - this way the problems are easily identified and fixed.

A global handler registry is *much* simpler. It allows to remove a lot of code instead of making things even more complex than they already are.



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