Raphael Ritz wrote:


And now? What are those add-on authors (e.g. David Convent for
ATBiblioStyles or Mike Gabriel for ATBiblioTopic) supposed to do?
Include the ATExtensions and CMFBib profiles in their products
as well? Leave them out and explain in their README (which those
who should never read) that they have to load the other profiles
first? Is that making the integrators life easier?

I guess I just don't see what's wrong with supporting dependencies.

i don't think anybody is saying there's something wrong w/ supporting dependencies. in fact, i'm pretty sure we have consensus that profile dependency support is desirable. the problem is that it's not yet in the code. i put support for declaring profile dependencies into the metadata.xml file (where you can also specify the profile version), but i ran out of time to work on GS and so nothing is being done with this information.


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