Previously Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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> Hi guys,
> Now that the Zope and Zope3 collectors have been migrated  
> successfully onto Launchpad, and there seems to be a good routine in  
> place to preserve history and ensure automatic redirects, I wanted to  
> bring up the question again. Should we move the CMF collector to  
> Launchpad?
> I personally had one remaining issue, namely the fact that my main  
> browser (OmniWeb) could not display Launchpad at all due to a CSS bug  
> in OW itself. All that has been fixed, and the Launchpad team has  
> been very cooperative and responsive. So my own vote at this point is  
> +1:
>  - one less thing to maintain ourselves
>  - apparently there's a new push, and not having to deal  
> with collectors will make life easier for the people involved
>  - it will be easier to create relationships between Zope and CMF  
> bug reports (I am making an assumption here, haven't tried it)
> Can we have a show of hands, so to speak?

I remember one of the popular objections was that the launchpad mails
did not contain as much context as the current collector emails. Has
that changed?


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