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Hi guys,

Now that the Zope and Zope3 collectors have been migrated
successfully onto Launchpad, and there seems to be a good routine in
place to preserve history and ensure automatic redirects, I wanted to
bring up the question again. Should we move the CMF collector to

I personally had one remaining issue, namely the fact that my main
browser (OmniWeb) could not display Launchpad at all due to a CSS bug
in OW itself. All that has been fixed, and the Launchpad team has
been very cooperative and responsive. So my own vote at this point is

 - one less thing to maintain ourselves

 - apparently there's a new zope.org push, and not having to deal
with collectors will make life easier for the people involved

 - it will be easier to create relationships between Zope and CMF
bug reports (I am making an assumption here, haven't tried it)

Can we have a show of hands, so to speak?

I remember one of the popular objections was that the launchpad mails
did not contain as much context as the current collector emails. Has
that changed?

No, it has not changed right now. I think it should not be a big issue right now. For prompt followups you usually don't need the whole thread. For followups to older issues you still can click on the link..I think that's good enough [tm] right now and I am sure that the LP guys will add the feature at some time. They have been very cooperative in the past.


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