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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Now that the Zope and Zope3 collectors have been migrated
> successfully onto Launchpad, and there seems to be a good routine in
> place to preserve history and ensure automatic redirects, I wanted to
> bring up the question again. Should we move the CMF collector to
> Launchpad?
> I personally had one remaining issue, namely the fact that my main
> browser (OmniWeb) could not display Launchpad at all due to a CSS bug
> in OW itself. All that has been fixed, and the Launchpad team has
> been very cooperative and responsive. So my own vote at this point is
> +1:
>   - one less thing to maintain ourselves
>   - apparently there's a new zope.org push, and not having to deal
> with collectors will make life easier for the people involved
>   - it will be easier to create relationships between Zope and CMF
> bug reports (I am making an assumption here, haven't tried it)
> Can we have a show of hands, so to speak?

- -0:  I don't like the mails launchpad sends[1], but I can live with it
if it makes a zope.org cleanup simpler.

[1] Note that sending *all* history (not attachments, but the full
    transcript) has been working well for us for longer than launchpad
    or Canonical has existed;  I would think we could register a
    per-project mail generation template, or something,  Having to
    click back through to get the transcript makes it that much more
    likely I will ignore an issue.

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