After having been quite enthusiastic about Generic Setup, I am now a bit disappointed. There are several use cases (see my recent message about not being able to register a permission, for example) where I cannot express what I want in XML. Obviously, I can write the missing pieces in Python, but that would cause the configuration of the same component (e.g. security policy, with roles and permissions) to happen both in XML files _and_ in Python code. This is something I do not find convenient. I would prefer having things compartmented (if not in one file): one file for everything about roles and permissions, one file for everything about indexes, etc.

  Then I guess I have a few solutions:
 - live with it :) That is, write what I can in XML and the rest in Python;
 - write almost everything in Python;
- enhance GS importers so that I would be able to express more things via XML. The obvious drawback is that adding expressiveness to the XML schema will probably add complexity (and I am aware that this is probably the main reason why some tasks cannot be done in XML) ;

GenericSetup is quite new to me, so I would definitely appreciate advanced users' feedback about that. What solution did (or would) you choose, among those 3 above? Additional suggestions are welcome, too. :)

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