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Damien Baty (ML) wrote:

I am trying to use GenericSetup to define permissions/roles
mappings for a product. As far as I can see, the current version of
 GenericSetup does not register the permission if it does not
exist. It supposes that the permission exists and calls
'manage_permission()'. Naturally, it breaks with new (unregistered)

Can you not simply define the permission itself in zcml:

    title="My Package: Some permission"

I _think_ that should then let you then import a rolemap for it.

  As Wichert noted, this does not work.

(IMO it's a good thing that importing a rolemap for an unregistered raises an error - imagine chasing an error because you have put 'List
Folder Contents' instead of 'List folder contents' in your

  Good point. I can imagine that very well, indeed. :)

For the record, I have proposed a patch that let us automatically register a permission if the profile explicitly asks for it, with something like:

    <permission name="My new permission"
      <role name="Manager"/>



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