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It may be helpful if you describe what you were trying to do and what failure you're seeing so everyone has a little context for this request, which AFAIK has never come up anywhere.

:oops: Sorry, I thought this was a known issue.

If I have non-ASCII data in an RDBMS that I wish to use in a CMF site or even straight ZPT's you get a UnicodeError when accessing the non- ASCII Values which you get around using the decode utility.


<tal:repeat repeat="result context/someSQLQuery"> <- or from **options
   <p tal:content="string:${result/name}"></p>

This will raise
Error Type: UnicodeDecodeError
Error Value: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128)

For something coming from a UTF-8 database to a UTF-8 site with zpublisher-default-encoding set to UTF-8

NB. content="result/name" doesn't raise the error

Actually this might not be anything to do with the CMF but simply the ZPT bug that I have discussed a bit with Andreas but lost the bug id. Which I've now found again:

However, I think the error is raised because utils.decode simply returns any values untouched it doesn't know what to do with which is why I think it might be worth extending. OTOH it might something that is better fixed in the Shared.RDBMS.Results module

Clearer or muddier now?

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