Charlie Clark wrote:
If I have non-ASCII data in an RDBMS that I wish to use in a CMF site or even straight ZPT's you get a UnicodeError when accessing the non-ASCII Values which you get around using the decode utility.

ZPT uses Unicode internally in Zope 2.10 and newer, so you need to decode your non-unicode values before passing them into a Page Template.

Plone hacks the TAL engine in horrible ways so you can still use utf-8 encoded strings as well, but I wouldn't recommend this approach for a small application.

However, I think the error is raised because utils.decode simply returns any values untouched it doesn't know what to do with which is why I think it might be worth extending. OTOH it might something that is better fixed in the Shared.RDBMS.Results module

The database connection layer is the I/O boundary in this case and the decoding to Unicode should happen here. Pretty much all code in Zope2's SQL or database layers doesn't do this and I haven't seen much interest from anyone to fix this.

I'd highly recommend using one of the approaches based on sqlalchemy, as otherwise you'll probably end up fixing a number of bugs and adding missing features to the various products responsible for Zope2's current DB interconnection features.


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