Previously yuppie wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >Previously yuppie wrote:
> >>Until recently, the Products themselves didn't use setuptools. Revision 
> >>85287 ( changed that. It is no 
> >>longer possible to run CMF without setuptools installed.
> >>
> >>Was that intended when setuptools was added to install_requires? We 
> >>always tried hard to keep CMF dependencies to a minimum. Will we only 
> >>support egg releases for CMF 2.2 and later, making setuptools required 
> >>anyway?
> >
> >The eggified CMF already required setuptools to make sure the Products
> >namespace is setup correctly.
> 'declare_namespace' is used with a fallback, so setuptools was not 
> strictly required:
>     try:
>         __import__('pkg_resources').declare_namespace(__name__)
>     except ImportError:
>         from pkgutil import extend_path
>         __path__ = extend_path(__path__, __name__)

However without that code the Products.* namespace would probably be
broken and CMF wouldn't work. 


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