Martin Aspeli wrote:
Today I checked in a formlib based add view for File objects[3].

Have you looked at z3c.form at all? There's a package called plone.z3cform that provides Zope 2 integration for this (it shouldn't be Plone specific beyond that). I'm only asking since people seem to be going in this direction.

I know. These are the reasons why I chose zope.formlib:

- Zope 2 ships with zope.formlib, not with z3c.form

- zope.formlib is already used for CMF edit forms

- the work done for the zope.formlib based version is not lost if we switch to z3c.form, converting the forms should be easy

The checked in add form borrows one pattern from z3c.form: It doesn't depend on IAdding, the view is registered for the container.

Cheers, Yuppie

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