Am 22.04.2008 um 23:54 schrieb Martin Aspeli:

Have you looked at z3c.form at all? There's a package called plone.z3cform that provides Zope 2 integration for this (it shouldn't be Plone specific beyond that). I'm only asking since people seem to be going in this direction.

As Yuppie says a lot of work has already been done using formlib. And while using the "latest and greatest" (yes, I know z3c.form has been around for a while) might be desirable, I don't think there are enough developers actively working on the CMF to keep pace. But from what I understand of the packages - the migration to z3c.form from formlib shouldn't be as demanding as moving to formlib in the first place but it would make sense to complete the move to formlib first and replacing the "add" view of Folders was probably the most demanding bit of what's left.

Regarding plone.z3cform - doesn't the licence preclude inclusion within the CMF?

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