Daniel Nouri wrote:
Martin Aspeli writes:
Yuppie writes:
but in general that's the way to go. Since z3c.form became the
standard in the Zope 3 world I'd like to see Zope 2 and CMF moving
in the same direction. Unfortunately using plone.z3cform is no
option for CMF because it has a different license and
repository. *If* Plone wants to donate that code to the Zope
Foundation or someone writes something similar (maybe five.z3cform),
I'd be happy to help with CMF integration.
Bah, I hate these discussions. I'm sure Daniel Nouri would be happy to
relicense. Re-invention for the sake of a license is just too dumb.

I'd prefer to keep the name to avoid breaking existing packages, though.

Another option is to factor out a few things to a five.z3cform and
have plone.z3cform import from it as appropriate.

I just relicensed and moved plone.z3cform to the Zope repository:



Despite the "plone" namespace, it works fine in CMF and pure Zope 2.

A namespace is just a name :).

*Some* of the functionality (modules) is Plone or CMF specific.  The
default configure.zcml aims to be usable without Plone or CMF.

There's a buildout.cfg in there that pulls Plone.  I'd like to replace
it with a Zope2-only one (and maybe move the existing buildout to
another location).


The tests work without Plone.


By the way, I've collected a few conventions about maintaining software in svn.zope.org:


It would be nice if everything in svn.zope.org would adhere to these conventions. I'm just mentioning this since there may be some differences to Plone's conventions.

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