While working on plonenext I get an error when trying to install
the Products.CMFDefault egg. This is the buildout -vv output:

Getting required 'Products.CMFDefault'
  required by Products.CMFDiffTool 0.4dev.
  required by Products.CMFTopic 2.1.2-beta.
  required by Products.CMFPlone 3.1.5dev.
Getting distribution for 'Products.CMFDefault'.
We have the best distribution that satisfies 'setuptools'.
Picked: setuptools = 0.6c8
Running easy_install:
 "-c" "from setuptools.command.easy_install import main; main()" "-mUNxd" 

Processing Products.CMFDefault-2.1.2-beta.tar.gz
error: None
An error occured when trying to install Products.CMFDefault 2.1.2-beta.Look 
above this message for any errors thatwere output by easy_install.
  Installing instance.
  Getting distribution for 'Products.CMFDefault'.
Error: Couldn't install: Products.CMFDefault 2.1.2-beta

Which is not very informative. Does anyone know what might cause this?


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