Am 29.10.2008 um 16:53 schrieb yuppie:

> I don't think so. OFS.interfaces.IObjectWillBeRemovedEvent is derived
> from OFS.interfaces.IObjectWillBeMovedEvent. So these lines in
> handleContentishEvent() should unindex the object:
>     elif IObjectWillBeMovedEvent.providedBy(event):
>         if event.oldParent is not None:
>             ob.unindexObject()

You are, of course, right and there is a test which tests just this  
feature.  Digging around I've realised that this is because I have  
folderish objects which inherit from PortalFolder which explicitly  
deactivates the ICMFCatalogAware methods. Is there any point in  
implementing ICMFCatalogAware or IWorkflowAware for Folders? What  
would we break if we removed the dependency?

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