Am 11.11.2008 um 16:52 schrieb yuppie:

> AFAICT PortalFolder inherits from CMFCatalogAware to make sure it has
> the same manage_afterAdd, manage_afterClone and manage_beforeDelete
> methods as other content classes. But these methods are gone, so I  
> guess
> the dependency is no longer needed.

You didn't hear it from me but this is surely abuse of inheritance?  
Time to call the cops and stand outside our houses in dressing gowns  
and slippers tutting and looking superior!

> There might be some code that expects that *all* content classes
> implement ICatalogAware, IWorkflowAware and IOpaqueItemManager, but if
> we add deprecation warnings the other code can be cleaned up.

It's not as if Folder's behave as content although it is perfectly  
reasonable in my view for Folderish objects to do so.

> In the long run I'd like to get rid of CMFCatalogAware completely. Its
> functionality should be moved to adapters and event subscribers.


And IWorkflowAware should be implemented separately where required, he  
added quietly still working his way through Workflow code. I've  
written an almost generic Transition form for IWorkflowAware objects  
(the workflow should be pumped through the form). Any interest?  
Currently dependent upon adding ?form.workflow_action=xyz to the  
transition action which reminds me of add forms and suggests the whole  
thing probably needs, ahem, revitalising.

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