Hi Charlie!

Charlie Clark wrote:
> Digging around I've realised that this is because I have  
> folderish objects which inherit from PortalFolder which explicitly  
> deactivates the ICMFCatalogAware methods. Is there any point in  
> implementing ICMFCatalogAware or IWorkflowAware for Folders? What  
> would we break if we removed the dependency?

AFAICT PortalFolder inherits from CMFCatalogAware to make sure it has 
the same manage_afterAdd, manage_afterClone and manage_beforeDelete 
methods as other content classes. But these methods are gone, so I guess 
the dependency is no longer needed.

There might be some code that expects that *all* content classes 
implement ICatalogAware, IWorkflowAware and IOpaqueItemManager, but if 
we add deprecation warnings the other code can be cleaned up.

In the long run I'd like to get rid of CMFCatalogAware completely. Its 
functionality should be moved to adapters and event subscribers.



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