Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> yuppie wrote:
>> Hi Dieter!
>> Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>> Thus, why do local utilities registered by Five (i.e. these utilities are
>>> for Zope2 use) do not provide access to the request in the normal
>>> Zope2 way?
>> That's what we tried first. But it turned out that Zope 3's site manager 
>> code caches the utilities across request boundaries. AFAICT it would 
>> have been necessary to rewrite the registry code completely to make sure 
>> we return always the right request.
>>> If they would, local utilities were much nearer to tools and
>>> the transition would be facilitated.
>> They would be nearer to tools, but also more distant from zope 3 
>> utilities. I doubt that would really be a win.
> This won't solve this particular problem, but it may be worth looking at 
> how other frameworks work. Pylons, for example, has the request 
> available as "global" variable - actually a thread-local. Zope could set 
> the request as a thread local in the same way that it sets the site 
> manager (so you can get it via getSite()). Calling getRequest() would in 
> many ways be cleaner than doing self.context.REQUEST or whatever, and 
> would work regardless of whether the context was acquisition wrapped.



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