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Am 23.11.2008 um 09:24 schrieb Andreas Jung:

This issue is independent of the client-side. ab2 and cmf/plone were
running on the same (fast) machine.

Is this really content that is suited for the ZODB?

I am talking of the standard content-types that are available in CMF and Plone like Document, News etc.

I'm just thinking
of an environment with lots of concurrent writes and content
management doesn't spring directly to mind.

Write performance specially in Plone in always a topic in large
installations. Read performance is doable on large installations with caching etc. But we know of several Plone projects that failed at some point because you can't get a reasonable performance with lots of editors working the same time with the system.

If that isn't possible then you
will probably have to look at using an RDBMS and even then you might
need server-side optimisations for performance?

I just benchmarked that. I just wrote a a simple RDBMS-based Document implementation (using SQLAlchemy and table inheritance for sharing the dublin core table structure among different content-types). Against a Postgres 7.4 database I could reach a performance of roughly 350 new documents per second with a pure python implementation. I am now going to test the performance of the implementation with a CMF integration.

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