zope.app.component and zope.app.container are no longer part of Zope 2 
trunk, but CMF currently has many imports from these two packages.

All the code needed by CMF has been moved to new packages (zope.site, 
zope.browser, zope.container) that are part of Zope 2 trunk, but they 
are not part of Zope 2.11.

Possible solutions:

1.) Make Zope >= 2.12 required for CMF 2.2 and change all imports.

2.) Make Zope < 2.13 required for CMF 2.2.

3.) Add zope.app.component and zope.app.container to CMF dependencies.

4.) Re-add zope.app.component and zope.app.container to Zope 2 trunk 

5.) Add a lot of try except imports and modify zcml files to make 
imports from both locations working.

Any preferences or better ideas?



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