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> experimental.opaquespeedup is good but not enough for me. The load tests
> results are not enough,  I want to be more 'aggressive' and
> experimental. For me this package is backward compatible and do a
> catalog query instead of parsing all attributes. I want to do nothing
> except support 'talkback'. I want also to release this package on pypi,
> and I want your opionons:
> * makina.opaquespeedup (makina is where I m working)
> * experimental.aggressiveopaquespeedup
> * any other idea ?
> My vote goes to experimental.aggressiveopaquespeedup

Is the patch for Plone or CMF?

If it's for CMF then you should consider simply submitting a patch or  
opening a branch. But before you write any package I would like to know a  
little more about what exactly you want to do.

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