Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> I don't know how such a feature removal or deprecation would be
> handled on the CMF level.

AFAICS IWorkflowAware and IOpaqueItemManager methods (as defined in CMF 
2.2) were added to CMFCatalogAware because at that time events were not 
available and it was easier to have all manage_after* and manage_before* 
methods in one place.

But IWorkflowAware and IOpaqueItemManager have nothing to do with 
ICatalogAware and I can no longer see a good reason to keep them all in 
one mixin.

I propose to split up CMFCatalogAware in CatalogAware, WorkflowAware and 
OpaqueItemManager mixins. All the interfaces provided by these base 
classes should be optional for CMF content. PortalFolderBase e.g. is not 
catalog or workflow aware, so it should not use those base classes.

In a next step we can replace the OpaqueItemManager base class by an 
adapter and provide an alternative adapter that just looks for talkback.

That makes opaque item support configurable and we can disable it by 



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