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Am 24.09.2009, 13:52 Uhr, schrieb Andreas Jung <li...@zopyx.com>:

In my understanding: packages using the Products namespace are subject
to be registered during the startup phase of Zope (using their
method). And I think there is some other evil path magic within Zope
related to products in general...I think nothing has changed between
Zope 2.11 and 2.12...but I could be wrong.

setuptools replaces that evil magic with its own! But at least you do have to specify which eggs you will be using. There's no longer a folder which
will magically add any modules in it to sys.path. Now, as long as you
declare the egg in buildout and add it to site.zcml and configure the egg
correctly you're sorted. Maybe it's the five:loadProducts stuff in
site.zcml that's keeping us tied to Products. A namespace change isn't
that important and probably is a lot of fairly uninteresting work for
little perceived gain.

Renaming provides less than little perceived gain. It adds serious pain because then you must go about registering your package manually, you must change imports all over, and you force every package that depends on the CMF to do the same. Besides, the different CMF packages are standard Zope2 products. Leaving them in the Products namespace makes that very clear.


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