Am 24.09.2009, 14:09 Uhr, schrieb Jens Vagelpohl <>:

> Renaming provides less than little perceived gain. It adds serious pain  
> because then you must go about registering your package manually, you  
> must change imports all over, and you force every package that depends  
> on the CMF to do the same. Besides, the different CMF packages are  
> standard Zope2 products. Leaving them in the Products namespace makes  
> that very clear.

While I'm convinced of the little gain (and even more so of the extended  
pain), I think that the move to eggs will over time make the Zope Products  
idea redundant. I guess this is why Plone has dropped it. Anyway, I'm glad  
we had the discussion as it helped me understand better how things fit  
together. :-)

Regarding something completely different - I picked up on zope-dev that  
the svn server has been updated. Does this mean that we can now use the  
svn branch to trunk merging offered in svn >= 1.5 or is this still  
inadvisable? If it is still inadvisable could you list (again) how to go  
about doing it properly and safely?

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