On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Charlie Clark <char...@begeistert.org> wrote:
> working on my first CMF-based buildout and I'm getting an error in
> CMFCore.DynamicType
>  from zope.app.publisher.browser import queryDefaultViewName
> ImportError: No module named publisher.browser
> My buildout is almost exactly the same as the CMF sandbox but I can see
> that I have zope.app.publis...@3.9.0 in the sandbox but
> zope.app.publis...@3.10.0 in my new buildout - both have been freshly
> updated and bootstrapped.

So you are working against Zope 2.13 (trunk) instead of Zope 2.12
(branches/2.12). Zope 2.13 already has a couple of more changes due to
the whole Zope Toolkit refactoring.

I guess for now running CMF trunk (2.2) against Zope 2.12 would be
more reasonable. Once there's a 2.2 beta and branches for it, CMF
trunk can start tracking Zope trunk again.

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