Am 09.04.2010, 11:12 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <>:

> That warning is correct for all the tools, just not for type Actions.
> Please don't remove the warning completely. I propose to use a condition
> or to override the form for type Actions if necessary.

Ah, I see it - the actions, types, catalog, and skins too have an Actions  
tab all to themselves. I've never noticed that before and never used them  
and by the Actions tool that's down right confusing! I'd better revert the  
change. Can't think of an easy condition to check for.

>>> There were different opinions how to modernize these Actions, so we are
>>> still stuck with the old implementation.
>> In my work on the Absolut skin I noticed that Actions don't enforce icon
>> expression deprecation as TypeTools do. I don't know if anybody's looked
>> at this but I'd like to make icons as CSS images.

> I hope we find a way to use the new implementation for type Actions as
> well. Maintaining the old code for ever was not my plan.

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