Am 15.04.2010, 15:03 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <>:

> AFAICS all 3 failures were caused by that change.

Seems indeed to be the case. All better now - change committed.

>> My mistake as I only tested
>> against CMFCore although I don't quite understand how the import_export
>> tests pass but this fails.  Removing UniqueObject as base class fixes  
>> this
>> so I'll commit that. Although, as I do think the CookieCrumbler should  
>> be
>> unique in a site I'd be interested in fixing these tests so it can go  
>> back
>> in.
> UniqueObject is derived from ImmutableId. I think you have to set this
> for the class:
>    id = 'cookie_authentication'

Okay, makes sense if the tests are patched accordingly. Need to check what  
was causing your new doctest to fail.

I'll pick this up when I've made CookieCrumbler able to handle views. The  
plan on this is

1) Proper interface for CookieCrumbler

2) Use actions for login/logout

3) Announce the deprecation (from CMF 2.4?) of the login/logout properties  
as these will be replaced by action lookups. Is there any point in  
maintaining the other properties as variables?

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