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> - -1 to removing the 'ursine' skins folder at least.  It's main_template
> intended purely as a demo, but provide a reference version with *no*
> theming at all.  Such a version has two possible uses:  it makes
> re-skinning via Deliverance easier, and it provides a good baseline for
> comparing the performance effects of a given main template to the
> absolutely-fastest minimal version.

I could argue that "absolut" is just as good for both purposes. However,  
if anyone is already running ursine + Deliverance it will obviously  
inconvenience them.

> The default profile already ignores
> that skin directory, which means that the only people who will ever
> notice it are those creating a new CMFSite, where the 'ursa' extension
> profile is available.
> I don't really care about the 'werebear' skin / 'were' extension profile
> at all:  those really were just examples.

Okay, they're gone.

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