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On 10/11/2010 07:02 AM, Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 25.09.2010, 23:04 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark  
> <charlie.cl...@clark-consulting.eu>:
>> I could argue that "absolut" is just as good for both purposes. However,
>> if anyone is already running ursine + Deliverance it will obviously
>> inconvenience them.
> Follow up
> ---------
> Tres, what is the skin configuration for "Bare" supposed to be? Creating a  
> new site with the skin does not set it as default.
I'm not sure what you are referring to.  The 'ursa' extension profile
adds an 'ursa' skin which inserts the 'ursine' layer before the
"standard" ones, exactly as 'absolut' does.  That layer has two purposes:

- - Use the 'ursine_globals' view to generate top-level names .

- - Provide *no* layout at all, beyond easy-to-manipulate semantic
  markup for the menus and view content.

This second case is the one which does not overlap with the 'absolut'
skin, and is the reason I want to keep it:  any layout-oriented markup
*at all* is just something which makes it harder to retheme a site under

> If you do set it to
> default you get errors from zpt_generic/index_html_template because
> object_title and object_description are missing.

I don't know what you mean here:  the site renders just fine for me with
'ursa' set ast the default skin.

> In any case "Bare" is the fastest skin. Test results with ab -n 1000 -c 10  
> on my machine.

There is no 'Bare' skin in my trunk site at all.

Can we please quit arguing about this, and leave the 'ursa' extension
profile / 'ursine' layer in place?

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