I've added a for site syndication settings which I propose to use to  
replace the existing properties tab of the Syndication Tool. Is it okay to  
do this and register action for the view directly on the default profile  
and not just for the views_support extension? That would be my preference.

Looking at the implementation of the Syndication Tool it looks like the  
Syndication Infos should probably be adapters for IContentish with  
relevant methods on the Syndication Tool can use but which should get  
deprecation notices. Thoughts?


PS. I'd also appreciate feedback on my tests for the view. I think I've  
finally come up with a reasonable way to test formlib (and presumably  
other form libraries) views fully with only unittests and would like to  
factor out some of the utility classes into an appropriate model. Could  
this be Products.CMFDefault/browser/test/utils.py?
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