Le 26/04/11 12:04, Hanno Schlichting a écrit :
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 11:53 AM, Godefroid Chapelle
> <got...@bubblenet.be>  wrote:
>> I had made changes to GS registries (use ZCA instead of own registries)
>> which got released in 1.6.3.
>> I backported those changes to 1.4.
>> http://zope3.pov.lt/trac/browser/Products.GenericSetup/branches/1.4-with-global-zca
>> Can I merge to 1.4 branch ?
> Please don't. The changes broke quite a number of tests

This feels acceptable to me.

> and some of my own code.

But this does not. Can you explain more ? I'd like to understand how 
your code got broken, which I did not foresee at all. This way, I'll 
learn how to avoid same type of issues for a next case.

> It's bad enough this got into the 1.6 bug fix releases, even
> though it's a feature change.

> Most tests failed as the ZCA now has to be setup before calling
> certain API's like "profile_registry.registerProfile". It's been a
> very common pattern in Plone add-ons to call this on the module level
> of a test to register a "test-only" profile.

I guess it should be possible to ensure ZCA is setup from within GS.
Would that help ?

> We have adjusted most of the test layers for the recent Plone release,
> so the change can stay in the 1.6.x series from my point of view.

I made a few fixes to test layers for Plone 4.1. Can you point me to the 
other changes that you had to do ?

> But if would be a lot of pain to do this for Plone 3.x releases using
> GenericSetup 1.4.

I see.

> Hanno

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