Le 26/04/11 12:04, Hanno Schlichting a écrit :
> Most tests failed as the ZCA now has to be setup before calling
> certain API's like "profile_registry.registerProfile". It's been a
> very common pattern in Plone add-ons to call this on the module level
> of a test to register a "test-only" profile.
> We have adjusted most of the test layers for the recent Plone release,
> so the change can stay in the 1.6.x series from my point of view. But
> if would be a lot of pain to do this for Plone 3.x releases using
> GenericSetup 1.4.
> Hanno

I'd like to move on this. Lemme explain the context.

One of our customers has a Plone 3 application for which we would like 
to add more tests before migrating to Plone 4.

Some of the programmers that would do the work have never written Plone 
tests and we need to bring them up to speed.

plone.app.testing (p.a.t) is imo much simpler to learn than PTC/ZTC magic.

Reason why we would like our programmers to use p.a.t and why we 
backported p.a.t to Plone 3.

Now that GenericSetup delegates its registries management to ZCA,
p.a.t 4.x has been refactored to be even simpler.

This refactoring has also been backported successfully to p.a.t 3.x.

I'd like to make a release of p.a.t 3.x but it does need to depend on a 
GS-1.4 release that delegates its registries to ZCA.

A long introduction for a simple question :

Would anyone see an issue that I release a Products.GenericSetup 1.4.20 
(or any other big integer) with ZCA registries ?

Smaller 1.4.x numbers could be kept for bug fix releases for CMF 2.1 and 
Plone 3.

p.a.t 3.x would then state a dependency >= 1.4.20

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