Le 26/05/11 17:15, Hanno Schlichting a écrit :
> On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Godefroid Chapelle<got...@bubblenet.be>  
> wrote:
>> Would anyone see an issue that I release a Products.GenericSetup 1.4.20
>> (or any other big integer) with ZCA registries ?
>> Smaller 1.4.x numbers could be kept for bug fix releases for CMF 2.1 and
>> Plone 3.
> That's a really weird way of doing it. And I'm a -1 on that.

I agree it is a bit weird, I am just trying to be creative to comply 
with your request of preserving Plone 3 tests.

Outside being weird, can you explain issues you have ?

> Why don't you just cut a branch of GenericSetup 1.4 with your changes
> and make a private (vendor) release of it?
> Then put the private release up on some Web server serving a flat
> directory, including it into the buildout via find-links? We do that
> all the time, see for example http://dist.jarn.com/public/

I obviously thought of an egg on our own server. Nevertheless, at least 
Vitaliy Podoba from Quintagroup also uses p.a.testing 3.x and I'd like 
him (and others) to be able to also use p.a.testing released eggs.

Further, I think it is a real advantage for the product developers if 
they can migrate their tests to p.a.testing while keeping Plone 3 

> Hanno

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